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  1. "Deep Blue"

    '… NO! You will take it if I have to kill you!'
    'But Mommy, I dont wanna! I dont wanna die!'
    'You will take it! You son of a–'

    I am stronger
    I am Bolder

    (Verse 1)
    You saw me as a target Im not talking 'bout the store
    You know what mamma, I dont wanna be here anymore
    Ive had enough of your lies
    And Im done with the cryin'
    Oh, why you tryna hide
    What you're doing is a crime
    This is what nobody else wants to do
    You know that Imma tell everyone the truth
    And then theyll turn their heads
    See you instead
    As the person who's made all these scars and bruises

    One hit (One hit)
    Two hit (two hits)
    Three hits (three hits)
    Im laying here crying on the carpet floor
    Why can't I feel or forgive anymore
    It's all because of you that my heart is sore
    One hit
    Two hit
    Three hit
    I cant breath cant fight cant see you like I ever did before

    I am Stronger
    I am Bolder
    I am Wiser
    And I will never
    Be You ever

    'Why can't you be like your brother, child!?!'
    'because I'm not a boy'
    'well I wish you were one… don't you?'
    'no! I dont, Daddy!'
    'well, thats too bad!'

    I am stronger
    I am bolder
    I am wiser
    and I will never

    Be like you…
    Be like you…
    Be like you…
    Become you…

    (I like this one, too!!!! I feel like I can express myself through the unheard song 🙂

  2. Alright look at my hair, my heads better off bare, it's so greasy and black, i never combs it so it's whack, look at my acne filled face, it's such a disgrace, Look at my try hard rhymes, it's a waste of my time. I'm such a fool, my issues started in school, I always wanted to impress, so I'd get good clothes to dress, but at pre k ppl hated me, said I was annoying like a flea, but I didn't ever really care I always had my skills to share. I act like I'm great, cuz I don't get much hate, I act like I'm tough but life's been real rough, I'm the kinda guy that always goes by, glad that he doesn't see his step dad, after all he's been put in jail, the last thing that I want is a bail, he got in there for assault, and it took too long to know it's not my fault, I thought I hated the world but i just hated myself, my big brother laughed and i cried when I fell off a bookshelf. You see I always lie, When I say that I'm fine, deep down I'm crying, but I'll keep on lying because I'm scared to admit the truth, and it's that this pain hurts and it ruined my youth, I say I'm overdramatic, and I'm just an addict, to being depressed, I'm always a huge mess, but I hide it for later, making the pain greater, but moving on, this is no list of pros and cons. Look at this tryhard batman, it's impossible but I think that I can, be the hero though people call me zero, I've always wanted to be like that, but this isn't where I'm stopping at, when I was a kid I called myself the savior, but with my Sis's broken heart I could never save her, so I filled with rage, took my old dreams and locked them in a cage, I can't be the hero, I get that now, I’m really zero, I’ll move on, but how. I was a fan of D.C. Cuz heroes were the only thing I could see, then my eyes were open, with so many tears I was chokin'. And now I trust nearly no one, because it all got undone, because I put all of my trust in my step dad, so if I can trust you ya should be glad. I trusted a friend once but I was just betrayed, the feeling of anger made me feel super crazed. I wasn't surprised, me trusting someone? But he just lied, so I try to trust no one, he told me to go die, I felt like I could cry, maybe I should listen and try… I know one person I can trust, one that I don't deserve, but she gave me her heart, that I swear to preserve. She teaches me this world isn't all hate, and maybe staying mad isn't my fate. So that's the end of the roast which part’d ya like the most, coming from a stupid kid that's emotions are always hid….

    I subscribed.

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