Download SPOTEMGOTTEM -BeatBox (Official Instrumental) (reProd. Cielos)

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all rights to damn e n all involved, this ah remake

SPOTEMGOTTEM Feat. Pooh Shiesty “Beatbox 2”

DaBaby – BeatBox “Freestyle”

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31 thoughts on “Download SPOTEMGOTTEM -BeatBox (Official Instrumental) (reProd. Cielos)

  1. Uhhhh



    That Shidd Fr Bussin


    Tried To Run So I Knocked His Head Off.

    (Head off.)

    He Tried To Hide And We Knocked His Leg off

    (Leg Off)

    Slid Thru They Block knock The D*ck Off

    (D*ck Off)


    Shooting With My Glock 9 Ready To Catch A Case

    Send Me The Addy Im ON My Way

    Got The Strap On MY Waist

    (On My Waist)


    Bussin Beatbox this was fanmade.

  2. I’m young and wild, call me Hinata Shoyo
    Beat you with my eyes closed like my name was Gojo
    I do this everyday, ain’t bizarre like Jojo
    Bring the Dragonforce, can’t keep up with me solo
    Coming at me? I will just use Full Counter
    I’m magic, I feel like the Fairy Tail founder
    Like a nuzlocke, you only get one encounter
    Steal your waifu since you cannot live without her
    I flow on this beat like I’m a Waterbender
    I’ll stay here forever like the sticker on your fender
    Groudon and Kyogre how I change the weather
    Endeavor, you struggle to find someone better
    Feel like Tari, best know that I’m a Meta Runner
    Bring a stampede like Vash cause I am the top gunner
    I will not spill the tea, I am not Shoto’s mother
    I feel like Robin cause I am the Boy Wonder
    If you dissing me, send your flows Right Back At Ya
    You a Route 1 mon, only need one ball to capture
    I’m Genos, a robot with no need for CAPTCHA
    This ain’t Pokemon but I be telling you who’s your master
    Blue Eyes White dragging you like I’m Seto Kaiba
    My raps are on fire like I’m the Ghostrider
    Put you in the bakery like I’m Dan Schneider
    I’m feeling like Giyu, my drip is designer
    I’m not Trunks but this rap is a burning attack
    Feel like Ski Mask The Slump God so take a step back
    Mess with me, like Meliodas I’ll unleash my wrath
    And like the Hero Killer, leave blood in my path
    I’ll bring an impact and I ain’t talking Genshin
    This the final and beginning like Rurouni Kenshin
    I will never retire, I’m not Coryxkenshin
    And if you talking crap, get out of my mentions.

  3. For those that have ears let them hear our father God is coming back with his son Jesus that died on the cross years back and I’m not going to force you to worship but just know that Jesus will love you till the days John 3:15 ►

  4. Running to school in my green dreadlocks hit em in the Spine knock his tracks off glock on my waist now I'm ready to catch a case moveing off top so the haters can get away watching Jarvis knockout soon he gon be wwe star riding in my new car cant go that far got tide up in a new benz soon I'm moveing in yea yea in the car listening to the radio beatbox 2021 dreadlock running to school in my green dreadlocks hit em in the spine knock his tracks off glock on my waist now I'm ready catch a case moveing off top so dem haters can get away

  5. Beat box in the party sipping up some Bacardi all up in the back seat of the Ferrari got the party in the Ferrari and I’m 10 years old bd got a 2 year old that’s all I got🤣

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