Donwload KYLE & Chance The Rapper Type Beat – Last Summer || NEW 2018

KYLE & Chance The Rapper Type Beat – Last Summer is a brand new happy / soulful beat – vision for this beat was to remember those good old days where everything was perfect and no worries. Hope you’re feeling the vibes on this and enjoy KYLE & Chance The Rapper Type Beat – Last Summer !

© Ocean. THIS BEAT HAS BEEN SOLD – Hit my email at for Tracked Out Lease and Exclusive Purchase inquiries regarding my other (unsold) beats!

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48 thoughts on “Donwload KYLE & Chance The Rapper Type Beat – Last Summer || NEW 2018

  1. z pierwszej klasy lasek jeszcze nie znam a kiedy patrzę na nią to już nie muszę poznawać
    szybkim krokiem wchodzimy nie będziemy pic despa one nie wie czego chce patrze okraja okraja co pan proponuje zapytam i do lady podejdę mowi ze poleca beczkę a ja pierdole beczkę to było trochę wcześniej bo nam polecił spod lady morelowa nalewkę

  2. Hey bro tryna catch up with you! I wanna use this beat, and the dude you sold it to has no contact information. I assume that he may have gotten attacked via message by the people here, because he turned his comments off on all of his music. I'm just assuming. I don't want to make anything off the beat I just want to make sure I don't get a strike on my page for a copyright violation. Did you sell the exclusive rights, or just a basic lease? I could give all credit to you on the beat, and give him a credit by making the song a remix to his song. If it monetizes you guys could split the commercial proceeds. I'm pretty sure the track he did isn't for sale it's like a freestyle. LMK bro as soon as you can

  3. Smoked my paycheck I know I’m a wreck left without a step said no thanks to 2 weeks left slept till I time travel I finally made my arrival to the next step then forgot the rest like come on can I get this weight off my chest like I can’t benchpress but I’m impressed I can spell check they want me too make a paycheck I said no thanks to that like skinny does to fat hey well I guess that’s that

  4. Last summer was crazy with all the fights plus I met you
    I can’t believe I let you in
    Nice girl soft lips I had a ten
    But during 9 that’s when we started to kiss, I asked you to be mine then turned to more than friends
    I had 8 hoes on the side but I let them go
    I let you meat all 7 of my friends who were close
    I showed I make music, I made my 6 hits on the road
    Plus Told you bout my life, told you how I used to have a family of 5
    Then it turned to 4 when my father left his wife
    I miss them 3 am FaceTime calls every night
    You met 2 brothers too
    I only have 1 heart and I gave it to you

  5. Imagine: On the beach in Hawaii, sitting with a Margherita or a Pina colata. You have some homeade Ramen noodles and chicken in a bowl. Toes in the sand, with your friends and all of you are talking and having a good time. It's warm outside, but you have sunscreen, the gooood type. You guys start freestyles to beats on the beach and build sandcastles….

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