Download [FREE] Acoustic Guitar Type Beat "Upbeat" (Country / Rap Instrumental 2020)

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New fast and uplifting acoustic guitar type beat titled “Upbeat” with a hip hop / country rap feel. Instrumental at 100 beats per minute in F minor, free for non profit use according to terms below.
If you would like higher quality untagged Mp3, Wav files, track stems, or unlimited license to use this beat and monetize / distribute your song, you can license this beat for your song / video below as well.
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License Pricing
💲Mp3 Lease : $29.99
💲Wav Lease : $39.99
💲Trackout Lease : $79.99
💲Unlimited Trackout License : $149.99

Q: Can I use your beats for free for non profit projects?
A: Yes, Ryini Beats are free for non profit when crediting Ryini Beats if they say [FREE]. You can download mp3 file on the link in the description. Please don`t forget to give production credits.
In the title put (Prod. Ryini Beats)
OR in the description put
Prod. Ryini Beats:

Q: If I purchase a license can I sell it on Spotify, iTunes, etc.?
A: Yes, you can distribute your songs on iTunes, Spotify etc
Full licensing info you can find at under the Licensing Info section ( there is a ” Read Full License ” option with all details )

Q: How long do your leases last? All of Our leases last lifelong, and our unlimited licenses last forever.

Q: What is the difference between your leases?
At my beat store,, there are 4 different options.
-Mp3 Lease which includes Mp3 file and up to 500,000 monetized streams
-Wav Lease which includes Mp3 and Wav with up to 500,000 monetized streams
-Trackout which includes Mp3, Wav, And Wav Track Stems, with up to 500,000 monetized streams
-And Unlimited License which includes all of the above, with unlimited monetized streams.
Checkout all of your rights at

Q: What rights do I get when leasing beats from Ryini Beats?
We are proud to say we have the best license terms in the industry with the least limitations for artists. Here is a summary of your rights when you lease a beat from us:
[YES] You can distribute and monetize your songs to Spotify, Apple music and other music stores
[YES] You can edit the beats
[YES] You can post/monetize on your Youtube channel
[YES] You can use as background music
[YES] You keep 100% of writers share for your song
[YES] You can copyright your song according to terms in license
[YES] Synchronization rights are included for songs following terms in license
[YES] Live performance is allowed
[YES] Music videos are allowed
[YES] Radio play is allowed
[YES] You can post on social media platforms
[YES] You may sell your songs without restriction
[NO] Master Recording may not be added to digital audio fingerprinting services such as YouTube ContentID

Q.) What is the difference between your lease terms and other producers?
Most producers: Lease lasts 2 years, then you have to renew or takedown your song
Ryini Beats: Leases last lifelong, and Unlimited Licenses last forever, so your song can always stay up!

Most Producers: Don’t allow you to post song on youtube, they require another “Sync License” for that.
Ryini Beats: Allows you to post your song on your Youtube channel, and even monetize the video with any lease or license.

Most Producers: They keep 100% of publishing on your song, and 50% of your writers share.
Ryini Beats: You keep 50% of publishing for your song, and 100% of your writers share.

Most Producers: Do not allow upgrade options, must pay full price to upgrade.
Ryini Beats: Email us anytime at if you want to upgrade your lease/license, and we will discount whatever you have already paid.

Most Producers: Do not support the artists they work with.
Ryini Beats: Will share his knowledge and get you the exact kind of beats and resources to help you take your music to the next level.

Most Producers: Use unoriginal samples to make all their beats.
Ryini Beats: Records instruments in studio with a microphone, then uses industry quality kits and original sounds. So when songs take off, there are no sample clearance issues.

Q.) How do I credit you when publishing my song? You can credit us on Distrokid through, or when registering with a PRO shoot us an email and we will get you our information.
Contact if you have any questions!

●💰 Instant Purchase | Download :

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  1. Ryini please pin this and Allow me to send you my song I made with this beat❤🔥 it's sounds amazing I promise and I really want to work with you @Rythimoftheworld ..Can I send you an email?

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  3. Today I will be uploading a song using this instrumental . I will be giving you credits on description as well as on the "i" button .
    I gave you credits but YouTube is giving me restrictions to upload my video . What should I do?

    Somehow I could upload the video and I gave you credits .

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