Donwload Free Sad Type Beat – "I Feel Lonely" | Emotional Rap Piano Instrumental 2021

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Free Sad Type Beat – “I Feel Lonely” | Emotional Rap Piano Instrumental 2021

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33 thoughts on “Donwload Free Sad Type Beat – "I Feel Lonely" | Emotional Rap Piano Instrumental 2021

  1. Why.

    Do I.
    Lose myself. over. little. Things. ×2
    I Dont.know
    I really. Dont.know

    When im with you.
    I tend to be the perfect me. Then lose myself once. You leave. Me. Or when. I am. Being me. I think. I get angry at me. And think. I. Ruin. You. Like. A bad. Influence.

    Now let me speed it up like I lose myself over these things as if I can never be my true self to myself I can never accept it I said I need to find me well I did…I just don't like me so everything I love I turn it against me because im an outcast to my shadow being

  2. Passando aqui apenas para falar que jesus te ama cara, e se vc esta aqui chorando e pensando em suicidio, eu tenho uma coisa para te falar… Não desista, jesus te ama cara, jesus se importa com você, ele morreu por você e um dia chegara o grande dia onde iremos com ele… então não desista, ele esta cuidando de tu, sim está por mas que você não esteja vendo <3, então apenas diga ai bem baixinho… Eu aceito jesus como meu salvador, meu guiador, meu pai, eu entrego minha vida a você 🙂 Boa noite

  3. La lame sous la gorge
    Mes pensées se sont arrêtés
    Ma joie de vivre est terminé
    Je ne sais pas quoi dire
    On a qu’une vie faut profiter
    Pourquoi vous commencer à menacer
    Je n’ai rien fais appart m’amuser comme tout le monde
    Ceux qu’ils veulent c’est que je reste seul que je m’approche de personne
    Que je sois dans ma bulle
    Pour ne pas leur tomber dessus
    Sa m’arrive des fois de me dire
    Putain c’est quoi cette vie
    Même quand on essaye de s’amuser
    On fini par se faire tuer
    Ils se croisent plus forts que nous
    Alors qu’au fond c’est des merde
    Obligé de venir à plusieurs pour me faire peur
    Pose ton arme et viens sur le côté on verra
    Qui finira à terre boy

  4. Я хочу тебя украсть
    Ты моя жизненная страсть
    Проебем свои проблемы
    Заполним наши пробелы

    забывай нашу любовь
    Убегаем от судьба
    Моя вечная судьба это ты

    Ты моя муза,ты моя сказка
    Зачитаю пизже басты
    Ты моя жизненная краска
    Ты мой луч солнца в угрюмом небе

    Хочу любить тебя
    Как ты любишь вредничать
    Будь со мной,я перестану бездельничать

    Я смотрю в твои влюбленные глаза
    Слово накуренный улечу в небеса
    Между нами индийская драмма
    Ты моя жизненная карма

    Пишу текста только о тебе
    Отдаешь всю свою любовь мне
    Пролетают месяца
    Не перестаю писать

  5. How am I suppose to love when both my friends had passed away
    Now I wonder what I could of done just so I can see them here today
    It hurts my head knowing that I didn't hear them out and now it's little late
    I wish I could say I'm sorry and I hope they see how much of me had changed
    My mentality isn't fully healed and there smile and voice is all that remains
    Then I start to cry and wonder why people have to leave me with this pain
    God if you are real then tell my friends to help me out this aching phase

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    bu bi dinse bu sarkinin sözleri mattasi
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  7. j'ai besoin d'vider ma tete
    pour ca jvider la teille
    j'allume un pete dans mon coeur pas la fete
    me souviens plus dla veille
    me souviens plus dta tete
    jme rapelle de ton corps
    des levres sur les mienne
    est t'en rdemande encore
    j'ai lache toute mes peine
    j'ai pas lacher ma haine
    c'est pour ca je t'aime
    c'est pour que je te haine
    des larmes coulent dla heineken
    des lames dans mes veines
    des armes de la haine
    jme soviens dquand on ken
    et tu t'en rapelle encore
    j'ai pas qubriser ton coeur

  8. Billies in the bank I’m tryna manifest it

    No need to visualise I’m out here manifesting

    I’m sowing seeds of probability to reap profitability

    Can’t be in my vicinity if you don’t reap efficiently

    Your shaped by your surroundings and that’s every little detail

    He’s made by what’s around him, what’s amounting when the dream fell

    Have complete control then be prepared to be alone

    Sometimes the weed I roll, it’s get me in another zone

    When I smoke I’m slow then when I stop I reset

    Why though, I don’t know, I’m tryna not then re-test.

    What should I throw on the fire, I need to sacrifice

    I’m afloat with desire, just need to back it right

    He stabbed me in the back, I would of backed that guy

    Makes me think about my past, were they all cha cha sly

    Need to focus on the present as a present that is pleasant

    Need to focus on my plan to prevent man being a peasant


  9. If ya know me, then you’d say imma rolling stone/
    I’ll be damned if I’m going back home/
    Please nobody hit up my phone/
    I’m used to being alone/
    Traveling around the globe/
    Seein places I never known/
    Yea, life’s beautiful/
    No matter what it may throw/
    Sucks how people can get close, then so far apart, like there was nothing there from the start, that’s we call a broken heart yo/
    My grandma died from cancer so it’s hard for me to let my love show/
    Somehow I get ahold of life an let my emotions flow/
    Honestly I just want somebody to hold/
    But anyone who knows me will tell you that I’m just too cold/
    Don’t blame me for my broken soul/
    I’ve spent years down this road/
    It hasn’t gotten better yet, I’m still depressed, oh/



    Sometimes I wonder if you miss me
    Like I miss you
    Sometimes I wonder if I kissed you
    Would you kiss me

    Verse 1

    I feel like I’m losing my mind right now
    It’s so hard for me to be kind right now
    Ever since my ex fiancé left
    I’ve been popping pills and flirting with death
    Somebody tell me
    What’s become of me?
    I’ve become so ugly
    Word on the street is I’m a junkie
    Probably, why all these girls run from me
    What the fuck do you want from me?
    Love and affection is all you want from me
    But I’m the type to break your heart and leave you lonely
    So call me a asshole call me a cunt
    I don’t even let god judge me
    I’m stuck in my ways don’t give a fuck what you say
    So stay the fuck away
    Cause I’m not here to play
    I’m here to stay

    Hook x2

    I feel like I’m losing my soul right now
    I have no other place to go right now
    I feel so lonely right now
    I have nobody to love right now

    Verse 2

    I drink myself into a slumber
    Weekends I’ll recover
    You message and tell her you love her
    While your in bed with another
    Then wonder why she left you that summer
    I shoulda saved you the drama
    And left you
    The minute I met you
    I tried so hard to forget you
    I should have respect you
    Instead I chose to neglect you
    Now all that’s left of you
    Is nothing but memories
    What’s wrong with me?
    Is there a name for this?
    Does anybody relate to this?
    I’m sick of this
    Every night I end up getting pissed
    The drinks gonna take my life
    Or I’ll end up slitting my wrists
    Does god even exist?

    Hook x2

    I feel like I’m losing my soul right now
    I have no other place to go right now
    I feel so lonely right now
    I have nobody to love right now

    Verse 3

    I can't stop thinking of you
    And all the shit I put you through 
    I'm sorry for the way I treated you
    And for the times I cheated on you
    Especially the last few
    Months of our relationship
    I was awful to you
    I treated you like shit 
    You deserve the world
    And I gave you nothing in return 
    I took all my anger out on you
    I swear to god I'll never learn

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